Please visit the Government Covid Information and Guidelines for Covid19 information, or see specific Norton Medical Centre - Covid19 Information for information within the practice such as face masks and sick notes.

Welcome to Norton Medical Centre

Change to Prescriptions

From the 1st of July 2023 we will require THREE WORKING DAYS to process prescription requests. This change is being made in response to the ever-increasing workload pressures on our clinicians. It is not a decision we have taken lightly but is one that we need to take in order to ensure that prescription processing is done efficiently, whist maintaining patient safety as our priority.

Norton Medical Centre

Here you will be able to find a wide range of information about the practice and the services we provide. At Norton Medical Centre we pride ourselves on delivering first class medical services to each of our 17,500+ patients. The practice operates a personal list system, meaning that all patients, including children have been allocated a named, accountable GP. We constantly strive to improve the care for our patients by acting upon the feedback we receive.

Petition to Support additional GP Funding

GP Practices and patients have faced an extremely challenging time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Please show your support by signing the petition calling on the Government to provide funding needed for better services, more GPs and more safe space to see patients.

The petition can be signed here: Petition to support additional GP Funding for better sevices

 GP Access Support Petition

We debated long and hard before deciding to share this

We debated long and hard before deciding to share this video on our social media sites. The overwhelming majority of our patients are incredibly understanding of the pressure our service is under and how hard our doctors and staff are working in incredibly difficult circumstances and we would not wish to cause them any offence. However most of our Reception and Prescription staff have been subjected to the type of behaviour exhibited in the video, as have a number of our doctors and nurses. We therefore concluded that if our staff are subjected to this once it is once too often and on that basis we decide to share it with you. Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Everyone is Welcome in General Practice - Registration

We are aware some people experience barriers when trying to register with a GP. Practices should not be turning people away who try to register without proof of ID/ address or immigration status. Everyone is welcome in general practice.

GP access cards are being distributed by local Healthwatch and voluntary organisations to vulnerable communities who are less likely to be registered with a GP. The card is accompanied with a letter with details of how to register at a Practice.

Privacy Notice

We have updated and published our Privacy Notice, this details the information that we store, use and how we keep it protected.

For further information please see our full Privacy Notice here. The Privacy Notice will open in a new page in .PDF format.

Appointments | Capacity at Norton Medical Centre

Reports of difficulty getting through to Reception/booking an appointment at GP Surgeries have increased nationwide, including at Norton Medical Centre. Unfortunately, we do not have unlimited resources and are currently working to maximum capacity. We have a standardised letter that explains this is a national problem and we are trying to provide the best service that we canThe full letter is available online directly from this link

and available for download below. Thank you for your understanding.

Click here to DOWNLOAD our Appointment Capacity Letter

General Practice is Open Information Extended Hours Information NHS Medical Data Information Domestic Abuse Information Domestic Abuse Help Information Saturday Appointment Information Don't Order Medication you Don't Need Information

Integrated Urgent Care Service

Please see the video below for further information about the Urgent Care Services in Stockton-on-Tees.

7-Day Extended Access

Hartlepool & Stockton Health are offering 7-day access to GPs, Nurses, and Healthcare Assitants at three practices across Hartlepool and Stockton. Appointments can be booked by calling Norton Medical Centre during normal working hours.

Armed Forces veteran friendly Accredited

We are an Armed Forces veteren friendly accredited GP Practice. View further NHS health care for the Armed Forces community with links here

Military Veterans and their Families | Afghanistan

We are conscious that some patients registered with us may be affected by current events in Afghanistan. Norton Medical Centre is accredited by the Royal College of General Practitioners as one which specialises in the care of military veterans and their families. All the team have been trained in the care of military veterans and their families. If recent events have affected you and you wish to seek help, please come forward.

Housebound COVID Booster Vaccinations

Due to the logistics around delivering the covid 19 booster which include a 15-minute post observation period at each patient's house, we are encouraging where possible if family members/friends etc could bring patients to the surgery on a one-off occasion to receive their Covid booster vaccine.

If this is not feasible then a house visit can be scheduled but unfortunately a time frame cannot be given as the practice currently has over 200 patients who are either permanently or temporarily housebound, and because of the 15-minute post vaccine observations means we will only be able to safely administer 2 vaccines per hour taking into consideration the travel time between houses.

Vitamin D Supplements

The NHS are intending to provide free Vitamin D supplements to patients that are extremely vulnerable and considered highly at risk to COVID19. Click here to find out more information and how to register for the Vitamin D supplements.

The NHS Friends and Family Test

You can now provide feedback on your experiences at Norton Medical Centre by completing a short survey. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us to improve our services.

Click here to take the survey

View the latest results from the Friends and Family Test

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