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We are officially Online with Social Media, please feel free to Like and Follow us online to receive updates and information from the practice.

We would like to remind you that it is your decision to follow us Online and any comments made on posts are public. You have a right to privacy and we are not responsible for anything you decide to share online. This is not a platform to request prescriptions or appointments. Make complaints or to openly discuss your health concerns. We have a Complaints Procedure if you want to make a formal complaint or you can write to us if you wish to provide any feedback, positive or negative. Please read our Social Media Policy below.

Patients are reminded that if they are found posting any derogatory, defamatory, or offensive comments on social media directed to the Practice or members of staff on social networking sites, this may result in them being removed from the Practice List, we operate on a Zero Tolerance Policy. We ask if you have a complaint to please contact the Practice Manager in the first instance. We would be grateful if patients could be pro-active in reporting any incidents of this nature to the Practice Manager.

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In the modern age of the internet, some people choose to air their concerns regarding services on social media. Our experience is that, for the most part, comments posted on social media tend to be of a negative nature and attract all manner of further negative responses – often becoming individualised comments rather than constructive feedback about an organisation.

We welcome all feedback – positive and negative – as it is gives us the opportunity to review the services we provide and, where necessary, make changes or improvements. However, we would ask that rather than posting offensive comments about the practice or any of our staff on social media, you bring aspects of the service that you are unhappy with to our attention using the following means and give us the opportunity to respond:

  • In writing. Please feel free to leave any comments or suggestions in the letter box next to the reception desk, or hand in to a member of staff.
  • Tell us about it (in a calm and polite manner!)
  • You can visit the NHS Choices website and leave a ‘star’ rating and a comment – once again, we would ask that these comments are respectful, even if negative

Please do not make an appointment with a GP to air a grievance, as this is a waste of precious clinical time and takes away another patient’s opportunity to have their physical or mental health attended to.

If any offensive social media posts are brought to our attention, we may contact the patient/s involved and invite them to have a face-to-face discussion about the issues that they have. However, depending on the content of the post, it may be viewed as a potential breakdown in the doctor-patient relationship and could result in you being removed from our practice list.