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About Your Medical Records

This section is all about how your medical records are used by Norton Medical Centre and other NHS care providers. There is a lot of information about information sharing so please take the time to read it carefully before making any choices. Please be assured that you will still receive the same standard of care from all NHS organisations regardless of your preferences about how your medical information is used.

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Public Health

Public Health England (PHE) co-ordinates several national syndromic surveillance systems for the early warning and monitoring of public health and seasonal outbreaks of diseases such as influenza, and to aid response to incidents where the health of the population is at risk e.g. industrial fires or radiation leaks.

The PHE Real-time Syndromic Surveillance team (ReSST) provide a health protection service by collecting, analysing and interpreting syndromic surveillance data on a daily basis to provide early warning of health protection issues. They use symptomatic indicators such as the recording of Read codes for 'wheezing' or 'diarrhoea.

The aim of this service is to transfer non-identifiable syndromic data in near real-time to the PHE ReSST, with the explicit consent of the GP practices.

This enables GP practices to provide anonymised data regarding practice morbidity related to communicable diseases and environmental issues. The data will be used by the PHE ReSST for the management of health protection and to raise alerts about the incident of disease or syndromes. Data will be collected and used for surveillance purposes only.

For more information, please visit the Health Protection Agency website.