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About Your Medical Records

This section is all about how your medical records are used by Norton Medical Centre and other NHS care providers. There is a lot of information about information sharing so please take the time to read it carefully before making any choices. Please be assured that you will still receive the same standard of care from all NHS organisations regardless of your preferences about how your medical information is used.

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SystmOne Records

You medical records are held in one of three formats: paper, electronic, or a combination of paper and electronic. The majority of our patients will have both paper and electronic records.

Our electronic records software is called SystmOne. Within SystmOne, practices are able to share your electronic medical records with other NHS care providers who are also using SystmOne. We can also see the records which other NHS care providers keep about you. The term 'NHS care providers' may include, but is not limited to: district nurses, diabetic nurses, community matrons, community phlebotomy, musculoskeletal services, podiatry, speech and language therapy, health visitors and walk-in centres.

We will only share your data or view your data shared by others if you tell us that we can.

For more information about how records are shared between NHS care providers, please read the following information leaflets:

If you wish to consent or dissent to Norton Medical Centre sharing your records with other NHS care providers who provide care for you, or from viewing the records of other NHS organisations who provide care for you, please complete this form and return it to reception. Alternatively, if you have access to SystmOnline you can complete the 'Consent to share information' questionnaire.